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Moonshine Mason Jar Soy Candle

Moonshine Mason Jar Soy Candle


What's better than sitting on your rocking chair on the porch with a little liquid joy? Well, having the perfect sipper, of course.

This beautiful soy candle with a wood wick comes in a reusable mason jar with a straw-friendly lid that keeps the bugs out too! Straw included.

Currently available in six signature fragrances in the "Lonestar" collection. Select your desired fragrance using the pull-down menu.

Spicewood, Campfire Coffee, Agave Lime, Citrus & Pepper Sprout, Mellow Rose, and Saddle & Rope.

Once you've burned your candle down, simply remove any trace wax (which is normal), and wash with hot water and mild dish soap. Scrubby sponges do the trick to loosen any remaining wax.

Now you've got yourself the eco-friendliest Moonshine jar this side of the Mason Dixon Line! Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and works well for juice, coffee, or any other beverage you enjoy.

The cute lid makes a great flower frog (that is, it holds stems upright to make beautiful arrangements). So when you're not sippin' on some 'shine, you can admire the bounty of the season.

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